Project Management Board

Project Management Board

TRiFOCAL Project Management Board Organogram

The Project Management Board was responsible for:

  • Monitoring progress of the project against the overall project plan
  • Monitoring spending progress against the planned financial profile
  • Ensuring the project adhered to the LIFE grant regulations
  • Ensuring the Project delivered its key outputs to time and budget and delivered value for money
  • Reviewing the quality of work and signing off key documents
  • Monitoring key delegated procurement powers to the Project Manager and Project teams
  • Operating a change control system for reallocation of resources between project teams within the constraints of Annex X to the Model LIFE Grant Agreement Financial and Administrative Guidelines
  • Managing the project risk register
  • Owning the After LIFE plan

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If you would like more information on the legacy of TRiFOCAL, please refer to our legacy plan.

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